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PG Bears

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The Prince George's Bears mobile app is designed to enhance the parent's experience as it relates to their student in youth sports. Stay up to date with practice info, coaches contact info, parent communication messages and full game schedules. Designed with the Parent in mind, we believe that Christ is always on our side and our goal is to raise our children up in the love and admiration of the Lord. Although we are a winning team, the philosophy of the organization is always to ensure that academics are first and playing sports is 2nd.
This philosophy allows us to ensure that every student gets an opportunity to play in the game and that first time players are taught the skills and given an opportunity to demonstrate their talent by participating in sports with us. This app is designed to build upon the already existing infrastructure that we have as an organization knowing that first, having that relationship with Christ should always be number one. which allows us to enhance the communication methods that we use to reach out to parents in our community and across the region. Download this app today and stay up to day with so much of what the Prince George's Bears has to offer.